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Vray Metal material tutorial in 3ds Max

Learn how to create 3 types of metal material in Vray and 3ds Max! In this lesson I’ll go over some basic parameters such as IOR value, reflections, glossiness, BRDF, falloff and subdivs. You can download the scene file from the link below.

See some updates to the copper material below the video.

Lesson Breakdown

  1. Creating basic chrome material
  2. Creating  copper material.
  3. Creating brushed metal.



Updated version of Copper Material

When revisiting this tutorial several months after making it, I’ve noticed that the creation of copper material in the video needed a little fixing. In the video I’m adding a falloff map into the diffuse slot in order to mimic the color change of the surface according to its angle.

But after some testing I’ve found that the color change should actually occur in the reflections instead of the diffuse. So I’ve added the falloff map into the reflection slot with some changes to the colors, turned the IOR off and set the diffuse to almost pure black.

Here’s a screenshot of the material after the fix:


And here’s a comparison of before and after:


It’s always a good idea to recreate materials as you go along from project to project and try to find new ways to improve their look and feel.



November 27, 2020

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