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This page is dedicated to all resources and tools, that I use or used in the past, on my day-to-day work in my studio. It takes a lot of time and affords to discover which tool or resource to use and which one to avoid.

I’ve decided to lay down this list in one place to make life easier for you. I might add some more from time to time, so it’s a good idea to bookmark it. If you have any suggestions for other great tools that you use please let me know.,

3D Modeling Software

Autodesk 3ds max

3ds Max is one of the best and most popular 3d software in the Arch Viz field. With its powerful interface, you can load up millions of polygons with much confidence. I made my move from SketchUp to 3ds Max and didn’t look back ever since.


Sketchup was my first love when it comes to 3D software, it took me about 4 hours to learn all of its core tools and I’ve started creating right away. SketchUp has a large community and add-on tools that can really improve your workflow. If you’re looking for the fastest way to start modeling then check it out.

Render Engines & Plugins


Vray is the complete lighting, shading and rendering toolkit on the market, making speed and simplicity accessible to all artists. Although there is a growing number of new render engines in the market today, Vray is still the most popular among the 3d community.

Forest Pack

Excellent plugin for 3ds max by iToo software, designed to give a complete solution for the creation of vast surfaces of trees and plants. with this powerful tool you can populate your scene with an endless amount of vegetation and control it with just a few clicks.

AXYZ anima

an(i)ma is the fastest Stand-Alone character animation application developed especially for 3D Artists,
architects and designers for quickly and easily creating stunning 3D animated characters in less time.

Corona Render

Corona Renderer is a modern high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer, available for Autodesk 3ds Max, MAXON Cinema 4D, and as a standalone application.


Another great plugin from iToo software. RailClone is a 3DS Max plugin for parametric modeling based on custom geometry parts and a set of construction rules. This concept lets you build complex and realistic structures for Architectural Visualization, Civil Engineering, Industrial, and Interior Design.

2D Drafting & Image Editing Software


AutoCAD it the No.1 drafting tool, used by architects worldwide. It’s necessary to know your way around this software so you’ll know how to take a 2D drawing from a client and convert it into stunning 3D renders.

After Effects

Another powerful tool from Adobe for enhancing and adding stunning effects to your image and animation. I’m finding myself using it more and more at post-production stage since it can fully handle 32-bit files, plus, every action you do is easily reversible and can be modified in real-time.


“The world’s best digital imaging software”. Well, there is no dought about it. Photoshop is a must have tool for perfecting and boosting your renders in post-production stage.

Scripts for 3ds Max

Book Manager

Bookmanager is a great tool for automatic process of books placement in 3ds Max. It has a wide range of features such as cloning, scaling, alignment, placing books in an array or on polygons, vertically, horizontally or at an angle, randomly or by series.

Floor Generator

Floor Generator is a script for 3dsmax which generates floor objects consisting of individual boards which can easily be textured using MultiTexture.


SplineLand is a plugin for 3ds Max that helps to generate topographically accurate terrains from a set of splines and lay roads. In just a few clicks, your topographical data in a form of splines can become a terrain.

Ivy Generator 2 

Nice little script for 3ds Max that lets you grow Ivy on any object. It has a lot of options that controls the way and rate of the growth.

Relink Bitmap

Ever had to face the annoying issue of missing textures and assets in your scene?? I bet you do. Relink Bitmap simplify the task of relinking Missing scene assets, like bitmaps, Vray proxies, HDR images, IES lights files and more.

3d Models Library

Evermotion Archmodels

The biggest collection of highly detailed models for Arch Viz. More than 150 collections organized by category.


model+model has a great collection of high-quality model. I really like that the models are very modern and not too heavy on polygon count but still delivers photorealistic results even in close-ups.

3D sky

Excellent site for high quality 3D models, both Pro and free. Whats nice about this site, is that all pro models are at a fix price of just 7 us $.


Designconnected is an online marketplace providing highest quality 3d models of designer furniture, lighting and accessories.

2D Textures & HDRI


Textures.com, formerly known as CGtexture.com, is the most popular online library of 2D high-res textures. I come here regularly to find the right textures for my projects.

HDRI Haven

HDRI Haven is where you can find high quality HDRIs for free. No paywalls, accounts or email spam. Just download what you want, and use it however.

Viz-People HDRI & Sky

A small collection of high-Res HDRI & sky images. Click here to get 10 free HDRI.

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